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Each property deserves a detailed assessment. This is usually provided at no extra charge to our clients under a one year monitoring agreement. AMS does not directly sell or lease the equipment required for monitoring. However, we do recommend products and facilitate "vendor meets" for subcontracted work such as camera system and access control installations.

The Assessment Process

The first step in any assessment is to determine our client's Security Goals. The experienced staff at AMS can work with you to develop these goals.

Sample Security Goals might include:


Decrease annual security costs and dependency on security guards.


Reduce if not eliminate loitering, graffiti and vandalism.


Monitor employee performance and stop employee theft.


Manage and monitor site/building ingress and egress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Provide flexibility to add other systems and improve premise operational efficiency.


Provide flexibility to isolate and limit access to specified building areas as required.

A formal AMS security assessment includes Physical Inspections. The inspections focus on six key categories. The sum of observations from these six categories together helps to determine a client's current grade level of security. We observe:


Perimeter / Access Control


Alarms / CCTV


Loss Prevention & Asset Protection


Examine Facility Management. Conduct Employee Interviews


Landscape and Lights


Miscellaneous Risks & Issues

Next, the staff at AMS works with the client to jointly develop a Project Plan. This plan outlines a security program that allows our client's to realize immediate cost-saving benefits while upgrading / ramping up their security program. Often solving security issues can also lead to improved management, maintenance and/or marketing. The Project Plan includes these additional value-added considerations.

Finally, we advise our clients in the Select Equipment stage so as to meet the needs and functionality of their specific property. As part of this process, we also recommend product specifications, processes, and policies, required for AMS to provide monitoring services that will meet the needs identified in the Assessment.

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