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Our services will reduce and often eliminate the need for on-site security guards, concierge services, or attendants yet will improve the level of security throughout your facility.  Our services provide live surveillance monitoring and can regulate all access to your entire facility from our remote monitoring centers.

In situations where a guard is needed but there's not been the budget to cover the cost, our virtual guard service now makes it possible to implement superb security.

Our methods of operation stem from the principals of detection, deterrence, and if necessary, prosecution.  Your peace of mind comes from our ability to prevent incidents before they become problems.

Comprehensive Remote Site Management  - CCTV and much more!

While closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems have proven themselves successful time and time again, their primary function is one of recording the history of events. This security tool only provides an after-incident response, leaving a huge gap in the deterrence and responsive side of security programs.

An on-site security guard provides a "presence", but provides inefficient detection, limited deterrence and questionable value when it comes to prosecution. An on-property guard also brings liability concerns.

Today, an off-site security professional working with networking technology makes it possible to provide remote monitoring services that combine the benefits of a physical guard, CCTV and other technology, while eliminating the negatives at a significantly reduced rate of an on-property guard – better service, lower cost. Immediate reaction in real-time to an onsite incident where trained monitoring agents act in accordance to the established security rules.

American Monitoring Services (AMS) has pioneered Interactive Video Monitoring (IVM), or "Virtual Guard Services". Through the integration of IP Network Security Camera Systems, Remote Access Control Systems, Perimeter Alarm Systems, and a public address system, AMS provides a total security solution to meet a variety of needs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Expand and improve security coverage while dramatically reducing expenses by 40-80%.
  • Live video monitoring by trained agents.
  • Immediate interaction and response.
  • Two way audio capability.
  • Ability to control facility management and access control devices.


Common Applications


  • Trucking / Distribution Centers
  • Office Buildings / Industrial Complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Lots & Parking Structures
  • Government Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Schools
  • Hotels / Reception Areas / Lobbies
  • Construction Sites
  • Gated Communities & HOAs
  • Retail Establishments
  • Apartment Communities
  • Custom Applications
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Our Services

Standard Monitoring Services

AMS Monitoring Services provides standard security video surveillance, virtual patrol tours, telephone entry response, employee safety checks, covert employee surveillance, one or two-way audio, employee-safe video escort services, opening/closing services and more.
  • Standard video surveillancespecially trained monitoring agents can manipulate cameras and watch what’s important to our clients.
  • Employee safety checks in high risk work areas or in the absence of supervision, monitoring agents can be specifically trained to watch over odd shift employees to ensure a safe, productive working environment. Questionable activities are reported to management for review and response.
  • Alert/Alarm detection and response door forced, door held, glass break, motion detection, any type of alert can initiate a camera call to the alarm location, prompting the immediate attention and response of the professional offsite guard.
  • Covert employee surveillance monitoring agents can provide immediate professional action to protect your assets, solve internal issues, or investigate employee behavior with our recommended covert camera devices.
  • One or two-way audio two-way audio provides the real-time interactive edge over traditional static security devices, allowing monitoring agents to provide complete access control for selected sites. One-way audio over public address systems or amplified bullhorns also prove to be a powerful tool for incident deterrence.
  • Employee safe video escort services monitoring agents can provide comfort and ease of mind via telephone or loudspeaker as they watch late night departing employees walk to their vehicles.
  • Opening & closing services small retail and banking industries that may not be able to afford 40 hours for a full time guard can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that a live person is monitoring them as they perform late night or early morning business functions.
  • Facility management services access control systems, gates, employee verification, etc.

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Optional AMS Services

Additional services may include video system surveillance management, investigative video research, and equipment selection and network/system design, integration and consultation.
  • Video system surveillance management AMS can provide a complete solution for all your CCTV video management and maintenance needs. From video archival to investigative services, our trained agents will setup your system up for optimal performance and remotely manage your system from our Central Station.
  • Investigative video research whether AMS is hired to conduct live monitoring or just to manage the system, our trained professionals can employ investigative research tools to piece together an onsite incident or search for incriminating evidence.
  • Equipment selection and network integration consulting even if you choose not to use our monitoring services, AMS can provide independent consulting services that will allow you to realize the full potential of your CCTV system. An AMS consultation ensures that your system will be fully compatible with our monitoring specifications in the event that you may choose to have us monitor your system at a later date.

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No-Cost Security Consulting Services

In addition to our many monitoring service packages, with the confirmation of a one year monitoring contract AMS provides a No-Cost property security assessment and equipment selection consultation. In certain situations, AMS will provide free equipment selection consultation to insure that your equipment is compatible with our monitoring program should you opt for monitoring services in the future.

Any combination of these practical and cost effective security solutions working together with our selected certified equipment may be applied to specially designed AMS Security Programs.

  • Trucking Distribution Centers
  • HOAs & Gated Communities
  • Warehouses
  • Senior Citizen Homes
  • Schools
  • Reception Area / Entrances
  • Construction Sites
  • Malls
  • Parking Facilities
  • Convenient Stores
  • Apartment Buildings & Communities
  • Nurseries
  • Public Facilities
  • And more


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